The Director General of Culture Ministry of Culture and Education

In four months, from 10 October2017 until 21 January 2018, Indonesia will be the Guest Country of Europalia Arts Festival in Belgium, a prestigious arts and cultural festival that has been held since 1969. Europalia will facilitate the Guest Country for holding arts and cultural events in 77 venues in 52 cities in Belgium, and other European cities.

In Europalia 2017 Indonesia will exhibit the richness of Indonesia’s traditional arts and the diverse Indonesia’s contemporary artexpressions which involve approximately 500-700 people from Indonesia’s arts and cultural community.Hundreds of arts and cultural community will showcase more than 400 programs in the form of exhibitions (maritime, heritage, colonialism, contemporary art, comic and Indonesian architecture themes), music concerts, performing arts (dance, theater), film, literature appreciation, gastronomy, seminars and workshops.

As a country with pluralistic society, Indonesia has a unique and very diverse wealth of arts and culture. Surely this is an important contribution for the richness diversity of arts and cultural to the worlds community.Through a series of Europalia 2017 activity, it will open opportunity to showcase the cultural wealth of the nation into the world’s community, especially to the European community. Indonesian cultural penetration into the European cultural insight is possible through this festival sinceEuropalia Arts Festival is usually visited by not less than 15 million people. In addition, the main visitors of this festival are people under the age of 45,therefore it can be stated that young people is the main participants ofEuropalia Arts Festival. It is therefore expectedthat the presence of Indonesia in this festival will create arts and cultural dialogues that will enrich among the young generation of Indonesia and Europe.

Europalia Arts Festival will be a good momentum in promoting tourism and at the same time promoting Indonesia’s creative economy products. This expectation is supported by asurvey results which was prepared by the organization of this festival, which has the statistic fact that 50 percent of visitors are planning to visit the Guest Country after the festival.

The Government of Indonesia and the country’s arts and cultural society are nowadays subsequently preparing to optimize Indonesia’s presenceas Guest Country at the upcoming Europalia Arts Festival. Therefore, we are expecting the supports from all stakeholders, including government agencies, private sectors, and community to participatein making the Indonesian presence in Europalia 2017/18 a success.

Dr. Hilmar Farid

Director General of Culture